DRT Consultant - Bridging the gaps between home and school

"Toya Shepherd has truly been an asset to Rose City Middle School. She has spent countless hours volunteering to assist the students at Rose City Middle School. Her job description does not fit all of the duties she has undertaken.

The students at Rose City Middle School enjoy working with her and she seems to brighten the atmosphere of the school. After seeing her interact with the staff and students here at Rose City we have come to the realization that behind that soft-spoken voice there is a wealth of knowledge, dedication and a desire to excel!  Mrs. Shepherd has planted that same desire into our youth.
We thank you for your hard work and dedication in educating and advocating for our students!"
Vivian Harris, R.C.M.S. Faculty, Staff & Students

"Toya has distinguished herself as a committed advocate.  She has that's driven with determination.  Toya's intuitive knowledge of special education curricula and parent/educator relations is astonishing."
C. Styles

“I am very impressed with the services provided by DRT Consultant, Toya Shepherd.  I'm a single father and was not expecting to get as much help for my son.  When the school refused to provide certain services, Toya would go into my son's class and apply them herself.  Doing so made such an improvement that his IEP team agreed to include her services.  In addition, offered her a job.  Words cannot express my gratitude for helping my son to excel in school!  God has truly blessed you with this gift!" 
H. Morris  

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